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8 oz Orange + Clove Candle - $32


These candles bring fall to mind with a custom blend of orange, clove and cinnamon essential oils – made to encourage a welcoming environment – the scent is soothing and peaceful; with a warm and uplifting aroma.

Slow North candles are plant-based, soy-wax candles made from 100% essential oil fragrances with cotton and paper wicks and are vegan and free from artificial dyes and ingredients.

From ingredients to vessels, Slow North candles are designed with sustainability in mind. Only soy wax, a long-burning, biodegradable and renewable resource is used. These 8 oz candles are hand-poured into reusable, recycled-glass tumblers, and topped with an environmentally-friendly cork lid

Volume: 8 oz
All-Botanical Ingredients: Orange Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Soy Wax and Coconut Oil
Burn time: 60 hours 

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8 oz Prosecco Body Butter - $42
Shea butter, argan oil and honey combine to create a silky-soft body butter, perfect for moisturizing even the driest skin. Enhanced with natural ingredients, this luxurious formula will leave you feeling hydrated. Prosecco (formerly Champagne) - Top notes of Satsuma citrus balance with subtle floral notes of muguet. Apricot and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. A crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne. Value of scents: Satsuma citrus balance with subtle floral notes of muguet. Apricot and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. 8 Oz. Made in United States.
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8oz Extremely Rich Body Creme - $90

Child Perfume Extremely Rich Body Creme is a luxurious cream that gives skin a hydrated sheen and radiates the intoxicating aroma of Child Perfume. The rich vitamin infused blend aid in restoring moisture by infusing essential fatty acids and nutrients.

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9.5oz Ernesto Classic Candle - $95

Cire Trudon's Ernesto Classic candle features an earthy Havana-inspired fragrance with notes of tobacco and leather crafted of vegetable wax poured into the brand's signature logo-embellished glass vessel.

Founded in 1643 by Claude Trudon, Paris-based Maison de Cire Trudon was the official supplier to the royal court of Louis XIV at Versailles and is notable as the oldest wax-producing factory in the world. Made with centuries-long experience, these peerless candles are the pinnacle of luxury with their delicious scents and they continue to innovate, evidenced by their recent citation from Greenpeace for being free of any harmful substance, entirely biodegradable and offering a smoke-free burn. Variety of fragrances available in store.


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Aloe Vera Gel with Mint - $14

The aloe vera gel with mint is an excellent after-sun and after-shave product suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Manufactured without alcohol, it is not greasy and has a pleasantly refreshing effect.

It supplies the skin with intensive moisture and soothes the skin after sunbathing relieving that “prickly skin” feeling.



Purified Caribbean Sea Water (Aqua), Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Oil, Allantoin, Cyclomethicone (and) Dimethicone, Camelia Oleifera Extract (and) Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Tromethamine, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Spearmint (Mentha Viridis) Oil, Polysorbate 20, Chlorophyllinum Cupreum (CI 75810), Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate

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Antica Farmacista Prosecco Votive Gift Set - $72.75

A beautiful quartet of four silver votive candles by Antica Farmacista is filled with premium soy-paraffin wax and comes tucked inside a beautiful gift box.Notes: satsuma citrus, floral, apricot, sugared black currant.

  • 3 oz. each.
  • 30-hour burn time.
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Avocado Oil - $14

An excellent oil for dry skin and hair. This highly beneficial oil is readily absorbed by the epidermis.

- Body care and massage oil:

Used regularly after bath or shower it will nourish your skin, give itsuppleness and elasticity. It maintains your tan while helping minimize the appearance of stretch marks. It is ideally suited for use during pregnancy.

- Bath oil:

Add to the bath water to nourish your skin.

- Hair care:

Apply the avocado oil to damp hair and leave in for 30 minutes to bring radiance and vitality back to your hair. It dissolves the sebum making it easy to wash out with our extra mild shampoo with spirulina algae.

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Bond No 9 Patchouli Fragrance - 50ml - $275

The trusted scent of patchouli takes front and center in Bond No. 9's latest creation. The spicy scent features notes of cardamom, fresh ginger, grapefruit, nutmeg, patchouli, rose, purple orchid, amber, sandalwood, leather, musk and oakmoss.

  • 50ml
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Bond No. 9 Coney Island Fragrance - 50ml - $220

Conjures up both the magical history and the reawakening of this beach front paradise. Combined in this contemporary gourmand delight are the sugar-cool notes of margarita mix, hypnotically seductive chocolate and caramel, plus cedar wood. The high voltage blue bottle recalled the Coney Island's expanse of sea and sky, while the contrasting gold neck evokes the thousands of electric lights that once lit up its night sky. Eau de parfum. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 HTTP WWW Fragrance - 50ml - $140

Notes: Bergamot, pineapple, juniper berry, apple, blackcurrant, cedarwood, patchouli, moss, musk, amber - 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 Park Ave South Fragrance - 50ml - $200

Park Avenue South, an eau de parfum celebrating the city's newest, most scintillating and most happening street. The fragrance captures the neighborhood's fresh, flirtatious, insouciant spirit. Notes of: Green apple flowers, peach, jasmine, musk and dry amber. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 Astor Place Fragrance - 50ml - $220

Bond No. 9 New York. Inspired by New York's most vibrant arts-and-style intersection. The scent is an intoxicating, fresh spring floral that starts out with a bold and seductive freesia-poppy-violet leaf composition, and then simmers down into the smooth, steady notes of teakwood and musk. It's reminiscent of downtown with a lot of grace. The surface design of the flacon echoes the angles and cubes of the Rosenthal sculpture in a rich array of colors.Art abounds on Astor Place -- and now it's in liquid form too. A feminine scent perfect for her. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street Fragrance - 50ml - $230

A unisex scent with strong masculine orientation. Fragrance follows fashion, so when Bleecker Street became a New York designer hot spot Bond No. 9 quickly created an ultra-modern, day-to-evening Eau de Parfum. This woodsy gourmand oriental captures the spirit of the West Village with a blend of seductive, indulgently sweet notes.The vivid bottle is clothed in a hand-painted, fabric inspired design by artist/designer Rachel Katz, to reflect this Fall's rich fashion tones.

  • Top notes: Violet leaf, cassis, thyme
  • Middle notes: Jasmine, cedarwood, cinnamon
  • Base notes: Oakmoss, suede, patchouli, amber, vanilla
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Bond No. 9 Chez Bond Fragrance - $220

A fragrance named after a street that's home turf for New York's wealthiest merchants and entrepreneurs. It's cool and strong with invigorating citrus and violet essence warmed up with a lingering base of smooth, seductive sandalwood. 

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Bond No. 9 Hamptons Fragrance - 50ml - $220

The fastest route to the Hamptons is a whiff of Bond No. 9's latest fragrance. A unisex weekend scent, designed to be long-lasting. Its fresh notes of lime blossom and bergamot are combined with magnolia, white jasmine, with a touch of amber and sandalwood. The transparent ocean blue super-star shaped bottle is topped with a crisp nautical white cap. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 High Line Fragrance - 50ml - $220

Our latest and most dynamic neighborhood, the High Line, inspired this new eau de parfum, mixing the scents of wildflowers, green grasses and urban renewal with a hint of industrial grit, bits of Tenth Avenue energy and Chelsea gallery style. Notes of: bergamot, purple love grass, Indian rhubarb, red leaf rose, tulip, grape hyacinth and bur oak. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 Hudson Yards Fragrance - 50ml - $230

The fresh, dewy scent of Hudson Yards celebrates spring and new beginnings with its bright floral notes. 50ml.


- Top: freesia, lily of the valley, pepper.

- Middle: peony, Bulgarian rose, lychee.

- Base: iris, orange blossom, musk.

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Bond No. 9 Little Italy Fragrance - 50ml - $200

Capturing the essence of its namesake neighborhood, this unisex fragrance is inspired by the cobblestone streets of Little Italy, where the homemade orange gelato brings festivity to nostalgia. Mellow but intriguing, clean top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and honeyed clementine mingle sweetly with tangerine, jasmine and a provocatively lingering base note of sheer musk. High gloss golden-trimmed orange bottle with a subway token insignia. Eau de parfum spray. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 New York - New York Nights - $260

Bond No 9 New York Nights by Bond No 9 is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Bond No 9 New York Nights was launched in 2017. Top notes are gardenia, carnation and jasmine; middle notes are flowers, sea notes, patchouli and sandalwood; base notes are coffee and caramel. Imported. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 New York Oud Fragrance - 50ml - $250

Bond No. 9 transformed itself into a smooth, full-throttle New York-centric perfume, New York Oud. A sumptuous rose bouquet which spins off to a dry-down of a dense and syrupy oud with musky teakwood and earthy vetiver to create a lingering urban-forest accord. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 Nuits De Noh Fragrance - 50ml - $215

Put your preference for the finer things in life on display when adding Nuits de Noho to your fragrance collection. Launched in 2003, this eau de parfum spray by Bond No. 9 blends woody notes with a floral bouquet that radiates sophistication. Juicy mandarin orange opens this women's fragrance before transcending into a heart of sweet jasmine and Brazillian rosewood. Warm vanilla brings a refreshing close to this fragrance infused with rich musk at the close.

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Bond No. 9 Shelter Island Fragrance - 50ml - $220

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Bond No. 9 Signature Fragrance - 50ml - $295

At last -- a New York oud. The Arabian Nights come to NoHo. So seductive and frankly erotic, we've named it for ourselves. As a 30 percent concentration, thereby moving it into a category that's rare today: pure perfume. Notes of Oud Extract, Rose, Tonka Beans and Musk. 50ml.

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Bond No. 9 Wall Street Fragrance - 50ml - $230

Aquatic and aromatic, the Bond No. 9 Wall Street Eau de Parfum Spray is a luxurious and distinguished fragrance. Introduced in the year 2004, this evening wear perfume is suitable for both men and women. The top notes are fresh and cooling with Sea Kale and Cucumber, while Lavender and marine notes lend an invigorating aroma at the heart. Trailing with warm and woody notes of Musk, Vetiver, and Ambergris at the base, this Bond No. 9 perfume is extremely appealing.


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Child Perfume Roll On - $68

The formula for Child is rich and intoxicating. The uninhibited fragrance is derived from brilliant exotic flowers. Child is a personal fragrance that beautifully retains the quality of understatement.

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Coconut Oil - $14

These excellent quality emulsions - blends of purified Caribbean sea water, avocado oil and glycerin - are produced using a cold manufacturing process, which maintains all the beneficial properties of the ingredients. They leave your skin soft and velvety.

There are three exotic fragrances to choose from: bourbon vanilla with sensual notes, fresh tiaré flower or enchanting royal lily flower.

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Dada Room Spray - Cire Trudon - $190

 Cire Trudon's Dada room spray features an herbal fragrance inspired by the avant-garde surrealism of the Dada movement. The stimulating blend of tea, mint leaves, and eucalyptus is and poured into the brand's signature logo-embellished molded green glass bottle hand-shaped by Italian artisans.

  • Top notes: eucalyptus, buchu leaves.
  • Middle notes: tea, mint.
  • Base notes: chamomile.

12.5 fl oz/375ml 

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Driftwood Belle De Nuit Eye Mask - $48

Treat yourself or a loved one to the pampered pleasure of a more restful and refreshing night's sleep with fine soft Mulberry silk - the royal fabric of nature! 

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Driftwood Charmeuse Silk Pillow Case - $105

Prevents wrinkles by reducing facial creases, Silk Charmeuse promotes a more restful & regenerative night’s sleep. Each Charmeuse Case box is adorned with a matching silk headband.

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Eau de Parfum - $55

Midnight Gardens & Wildflower

At the core of Lollia's heart & soul, her parfum sings a floral escape for the romantic dreamer. Night blooming Jasmine, ancient Cypress, Water Lily, and delicate, Dew drenched Greens create the landscape of free spirit, in Wander. Sure to make your heart sing too, for your signature scent.

Design Details
Lush Midnight Blossoms spill across this refined glass bottle within shiny gold closures. 

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Flower Candle - $28

Housed in a beautiful ceramic vessel, this scented candle imparts a welcome scent in your home.

Coconut Milk Mango: bright mandarin orange, velvety peach and fresh mango are wrapped in notes of juicy papaya, coconut milk, and creamy vanilla (FRESH)

Gardenia: crushed leafy green top notes, a true gardenia heart, and a smooth-as-velvet amberwood base (FLORAL)

Thai Lily: exotic citrus notes of Bali mango, blood orange, and white nectarine are deliciously blended with Brazilian teak and Asiatic lily, and finished with a hint of sensual musk (FLORAL)

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Hearth & Soul Signature Candle - $42

Hearth and Soul signature scented soy candle features Tea Olive with citrus fruits of tangerine, kumquats and mandarin surrounded with oakmoss and soft musk. 

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Moisturizing Body Lotion - $14

Beneath the perfume of West Indian vanilla, the delicateness of the vanilla flower mingles gradually on a bed of mellow sweetness.

Incarnating the exquisiteness and delicateness of the perfume from these beautiful islands, the Body Lotion envelops your body and satisfies a longing for paradise.

The Body Lotion swathes your body in perfume, while its nourishing effects leave even the most sensitive type of skin feeling more supple, softer and velvety.

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Prosecco Home Ambiance Diffuser 250ml - $72

Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Fragrance, the signature product in the collection, is a unique and beautiful way to fragrance and decorate the home.

The Home Ambiance Fragrances utilize antique inspired apothecary bottles, filled with fragrance, to permeate the air through the bottles' open neck and white birch reeds that are inserted to further diffuse the scent. Simply position the fragrance bottle in the room of your choice and uncork. Place the reed bundle into the neck and reverse the reeds every few days or as desired to enhance the scent. The Antica Farmacista fragrance will infuse the air and provide a lasting, constant and beautiful scent.

Tart satsuma citrus and subtle floral notes of muguet (lily-of-the-valley) balance notes of sugared black currant. A crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco (an Italian white grape) and champagne.

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Prosecco Perfume 50ml - $62

Antica Farmacista Perfume is created with a higher percentage of essential oils than most commercially made fragrances providing a longer lasting scent on the body (up to eight hours). Each fragrance evokes sophistication in both style and fragrance, and its limited distribution gives the wearer her own unique, unrecognizable scent.

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Prosecco Room Spray - $32

Packaged in beautiful glass bottles, Antica Farmacista's high-quality room fragrances are formulated to be sprayed into the air or onto fabrics and linens to instantly refresh and set the mood in any space. Prosecco room fragrance is a crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne. 100ml.

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Sophia Jewelry Zip Case - $85

Sophia’s Travel Zip Case is not only classically stylish, but also impressively functional. Allowing room for both charm & jewelry storage for life on the go, this travel case has a beautiful rose quartz leather exterior and is lined with the patented LusterLoc™ anti-tarnish lining. The perfect solution to keeping Pandora, Thomas Sabo, and many other charms safe wherever, whenever! Included are 3 ring rolls, 3 open compartments and a single bracelet compartment for fashionable charm storage.

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Turbo Body Bar Soap-On-A-Rope - $17

This energizing, deep-cleansing bar scrubs away dirt and exfoliates the body for clean, smooth, healthy skin.

This item is temporarily out of stock.

Please check back soon or connect with one of our concierge to explore other options from our in-store collection.

Wander Bubble Bath - 16.9 oz - $38

Midnight Gardens & Wildflower

For the perfect staycation retreat in peaceful bliss. Bask in silky bubbles of moisturizing luxury with this floral ceremony in night blooming Jasmine, ancient Cypress, Water Lily, and delicate, Dew drenched Greens. Bless your skin with the enriching nutrients in this extravagant bubble bath of love.

Key Ingredients
Olive Oil
Avocado Oil
Lavender Flower
Aloe Juice

Design Details
Beautifully unexpected, this slender olive glass bottle sets off fine gold leaf labeling alongside an embossed tag signature. Complete with an impressed Lollia cork.

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