Family Room

4x6 Red Wood Frame - $33

Made from recycled "Red Wood" from Thailand and display a beautiful dense grain, rich coloring with irregular edges. Simple and elegant enhancing the beauty of any picture.

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Driftwood Wine Rack - $318

Presenting a gorgeous, rustic wine rack, very artistically arranged by skilled craftsmen to create this stunning piece. Each handmade rack has a unique identity. Each rack can hold five standard bottles. Naturally dark driftwood is a rare find and prized by artisans for both its rich color and unique shapes. 

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Evergreen Etched Candle - $36

Beautiful glass jar with rose gold lid & antique deer etching. Evergreen, one of our favorite holiday scents. 

Fragrance notes: crisp winter air, aromatic fir trees, sandalwood


This item is temporarily out of stock.

Please check back soon or connect with one of our concierge to explore other options from our in-store collection.

Gilded-Edge Agate Coaster - $28

Agate slices in varied natural tones from rusty orange to warm brown take on a glamorous persona when their edges are gilded with real gold..

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Red Currant Handmade Candle - $79

Himalayan Handmade Candles are hand poured in small batches and are made with a clean, long burning soy wax blend which melts away leaving behind a decorative container that can be reused time and time again. They feature a cotton wick that burns with a minimum of smoking and sooting. 



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Teak Wood Tray - $150

Artistically shaped serve ware and utensils hand-hewn from reclaimed Indonesian teak wood. A plethora of useful kitchen tools, boards, bowls and trays is carved from reclaimed teak in organic shapes that highlight the swirled grain of the wood.

Each piece of wood is unique with slight variations in the shape and graining of each serve ware piece or utensil. Naturally occurring small cracks and occasional small openings may be expected.

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Wood Coasters (Set of 4) - $56

These live edge Wooden Coasters (set of 4) make a unique gift and become a lasting accessory for home entertaining. Elevating a utilitarian item to an art form, our coasters came to fruition in an effort to utilize even the smallest pieces of wood from our shop.

Each coaster is unique and your set may include a variety of wood types which only adds to the visual aesthetic, quickly becoming a conversation piece in your home.

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