English Pewter Mug with Antler Handle

Vagabond House
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In keeping with the Vagabond House mission to preserve tradition and style in artisan hollow ware, our classic tankard mirrors the work of18th Century master metal crafters in Sheffield, England. Cast in a classic cylindrical shape with a larger bottom, the mug sports ring tooling with a satin finish. The uniquely Vagabond House handle is crafted from naturally shed stag antler with a pewter end-cap.

Sheffield metal masters were renowned for combining precious metals and antler. Vagabond House is proud to honor and carry forth the tradition.
Beverages have been served in fine pewter vessels for centuries due to the amazing conductive properties of the precious metal. To bring beer to the proper temperature for drinking (European style); chill the tankard for about 30 minutes before serving, pour room temperature beer into the mug, in less than 3 minutes, the beer is the perfect temperature.