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Steeping Instructions: Quantity: 1 teaspoon per 6 ounces | Water Temperature: 160 - 185ºF | Steeping Time: First infusion, 30 seconds, subsequent infusions 1 minute | Infusions: 3

White Peony: A delicate White Tea grown in Fuding, China. White Peony offers a greater potency than Silver Needle. Only the bud and top two leaves of each tea tree are carefully handled to create this elusive tea. It is air dried and withered into green leaves with downy hair. White Peony is known to offer high antioxidants with comparably low caffeine content because White teas are the least processed of all tea types. Though its taste profile is faint at first it becomes increasingly sweet in each subsequent infusion, revealing a surprisingly smooth grassy sweet note to the end.  Tasting Note: Subtle sweetness, grassy and a taste of melon. Caffeine Level: Light.  30 grams/10 servings per cylinder

Sencha Green: This is the highest-grade shaded Green tea from the beautiful town of Wazuka, Japan. The leaves are grown in 1640 ft. elevation. This batch has undergone two weeks of shading before harvest, and this conditions the leaves to preserve its tenderness resulting in a delicate tea, yet infused with aromas reminiscent of fresh cut grass. Rich, with a distinctive umami taste and a delicate astringency at the finish.

Oolong: Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) is a rare Oolong tea that flourishes at an elevation of over 7000 feet in the majestic Wuyi Mountain in China.  Its subtropical weather, unique climate, and rare soil makeup has spawned this prized tea for decades.  Legend has it that an emperor clothed the tea trees that produced this Oolong with a beautiful red robe because it once cured his mother from illness, hence the name, Big Red Robe.  This high grade Oolong is handmade, based on ancient tradition, with tender leaves roasted over charcoal to create a smoky but sweet and caramelized flavor.

Wuyi: Grown atop the majestic Wuyi Mountains in China, these leaves flourish at over 4000 feet in elevation. Our high-grade Lapsang Souchong, a special name to distinguish black teas originally from this Wuyi region, is traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires, resulting in a distinctive smoky flavor. A rich and full-bodied black tea with levels of depth and complexity, this rare tea is warm and cozy with notes of chocolate and roasted chestnut, evoking fall and the aroma of autumn leaves.