Wine Twirls Set

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Wine Twirls chill your favorite white wine right where it counts ~ in the glass!

Just one Wine Twirls will keep your glass of wine at fridge temperature for up to 45 minutes with no dilution!

Beautiful and useful, Wine Twirls offer an element of visual sophistication to your glass as they deliver the perfectly chilled sip every time.

Made from BPA-free FDA-approved, food-safe resin, and a high-tech thermal gel, Wine Twirls will impart neither flavor nor odor and will rest at the bottom of the glass - never to interfere with that next refreshing sip.


CHILL - Chill Wine Twirls in the freezer 3 hours ahead of use.

POP - Pop open a bottle of your favorite chilled wine & drop a Twirl into your glass.

TWIRL & SWIRL - Swirl & enjoy your chilled wine through the last sip! Hand wash prior to first use and thereafter following each use and freeze.

Set of 4 / 1¾” Round / FDA Food-Safe Resin & Phase Change Gel / USA