BruTank 55-Qt Rolling Cooler

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Kate and Stephen Registry 

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The pinnacle of design and function, the BrüTank is unlike anything you've ever seen. Featuring a patented removable, 2.8-gallon drink tank with a built-in tap, puncture resistant all-terrain wheels that glide over any surface (including sand), an EVA foam-bench top, built-in bottle opener, a wide variety of epic accessories, and 7+ day ice retention; the BrüTank is the most unique, versatile and durable cooler ever made

  • 2.8 Gallons: Mix your favorite adult beverage right in the cooler
  • 50 12 oz Slim Cans: White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, and more
  • 48 Cans: Standard 12oz US cans
  • 12 Wine Bottles: 25oz Wine or Liquor
  • 40 lbs of Ice: With Drinks


BrüMate makes the most functional drinkware, period. Made for any adventure, we've created the world's best multi-functional can coolers, multi-purpose mugs, feature-packed coolers, and hydration solutions. We want all our products to be one-of-a-kind and worth the investment. At BrüMate, everything is simply better. We believe in enhancing your lifestyle with product designs that are equal parts innovative, stylish, and functional with features that upgrade every aspect of your life