Sir Madam

Champagne Coupe Rialto Glass

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Haley and Paul Registry

Qty needed: 2 | Color: Sage

Lauren and Brian Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Color: Salmon
Qty needed: 1 | Color: Dark Green (Millicent)

Anne Jackson and John Samuel Registry

Qty needed: 4 | Color: Sage

Qty needed: 6 | Color: Salmon

Qty needed: 4 | Color: Warm Gray

Elizabeth and Kyle Registry

Qty needed: 13 | Color: Dark Green (Millicent) 

Nikki and Jack Registry

Qty needed: 2 | Color: Oxblood

Grace and Justin Registry

Qty needed: 2 | Color: Sage


Inspired by a trip to Venice, these drinking glasses are festive and colorful! Each glass in the collection is finished by hand in Turkey meaning no two are the same

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 10 oz 
  • Top rim: 4.25" | Height: 6" | Bottom rim: 2/75" 
  • Made in Turkey

Sir Madam

With a strong focus on domesticity and entertaining, Sir/Madam evokes classic motifs and historical references in an easy, modern way.  Sir/Madam products are designed to be timeless and to marry well with a range of styles in today's eclectic interiors