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Tropical Habanero Syrup - 16 oz

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This Tropical Habanero syrup was made for the drinker who likes to spice up their life. The stuff inside this bottle is bursting with sweet pineapple, tart passionfruit, and fiery-yet-fruity habaneros that we de-seed ourselves. Pair this syrup with tequila and lime, or simply with seltzer for a tropical mocktail. Either way, grab your tiny umbrellas and floral print shirts; it's gonna be a hot one out there.


  • Use it with vodka or gin and soda to make a bright springtime cocktail, or with whiskey as a light cherry-infused old fashioned base.
  • One 16 oz bottle will make 16 drinks 
  • Refrigerate after opening 

Pratt Standard 

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