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Wildsam Field Guide - Cape Cod and the Islands

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Wildsam Field Guides: Cape Cod and The Islands illuminates the towns, beaches and sailing experiences of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket through the eyes of locals. 

This pocket-friendly primer is a part of the Wildsam American Pursuits series: a line of travel books driven by curiosity and the idea that each place that captivates travelers and locals alike possesses something special, a definitive pursuit central to its culture. For Cape Cod, this pursuit is sailing. Delivering the geography, traditions, and cultural institutions of Cape Cod, this guide will turn any visit into an instant, unforgettable immersion. 

Led by born-and-bred locals and coastal experts, readers will discover:A five-day itinerary across the Cape; Sailing history, fundamentals, and favorite sailing spots; Secret beaches, favorite clam shacks, and Cranberry bogs; Relocated lighthouses, the dune shacks of the Peaked Hill Bars; Interviews and insights from seasoned sailors, boat builders and sailmakers, andA directory of our favorite antique shops, seafood shacks and ice cream shops.