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Alana Chain Necklace - Gold

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There's no guessing when it comes to Alana. She tells it like it is. She does this in an honest and humble way. A new mama of twin boys, this strong powerhouse, in my perspective has a healthy relationship and boundaries between work and play. Family is important to her. Health is important to her. I LOVE what Alana values. What can I say, I see myself in her a bit (me on a good day). Alana is a faithful friend and partner. She's also my niece's neighbor. Alana has been a loving, heartfelt support for my sister and my niece. Her presence in my family's life is only a positive one. And, I am grateful for her

  • Necklace is approximately 17 inches long with 2 inch extender
  • Chain is 14 karat gold-filled and made in the US
  • Wire and extender chain are made in the US
  • Clasps made in Italy
  • Necklace is handmade in Austin, Texas
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in our jewelry making it low toxic
  • An option with this chain necklace is to wrap it and use as a bracelet