Avatar UR De Luxe Gold Rollerball

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This fountain pen is made of Ultraresin, a resin and mother-of-pearl compound specially developed for Pineider, which makes the pen incredibly resistant to shocks and brilliant.The Avatar UR uses GlueLess technology that thanks to the 3D design and the very high precision throughout the production allows the assembly of the pen without the use of glue. Finally, the closure is magnetic and steel nib oversize N°6 . Ink refilling is possible with both cartridges and converters


Since 1774, Pineider has given people the tools to create their own story, their own history. Writing instruments and leather goods to safeguard the past, because, without the pursuit of memories, one cannot jump towards the challenge of the future. In today’s digital age, when words can be reproduced infinitely and freely wander in cyberspace, the paper, and the pen preserve the fragile beauty of something that cannot be replicated.