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Julie Necklace - Gold

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From Laura Elizabeth:

I met Julie through mutual friends. As you know, I LOVEchildren and cherish any time she gets to spend with them. A few years ago, Julie's babysitter cancelled at the last minute one night and her friend suggested she call me. I accepted and the rest is history. While I do love her two sons, and share a special bond with them, Julie and I have developed an even deeper connection and an honest and vulnerable relationship. Julie inspires me in so many ways. From day one, Julie opened up to me in a way that often takes years for most to feel comfortable. We have laughed a lot together, and cried too. Her husband is such a thoughtful partner that he gifts Julie "shopping" sessions with me. We sit and sip wine, while we listen to a jewelry-themed playlist (including "Material Girl") all put together by her husband. As you can imagine, being in someone's home I see a lot. And, the love, compassion, and partnership I see in these two is inspiring

  • Necklace is approximately 14 inches (choker) or 17 inches long with 2 inch extender
  • Chain is 14 karat gold-filled and rose gold-filled, made in the US
  • Wire, and extender chain are made in the US
  • Clasps made in Italy
  • Necklace is handmade in Austin, Texas
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in our jewelry - making it low toxic
  • An option with this chain necklace is to wrap it and use as a bracelet