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Outdoor Citronella Eucalyptus Mint

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Our outdoor candle will keep bugs away naturally.  Made with essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and lemongrass.  A modern take on the traditional citronella candle.  Burn time 100+ hours Made in the USA

  • 32oz - 100 Hours
  • 7oz - 40 Hours

Hillhouse Naturals

The Hillhouse Naturals farm story began over 30 years ago in the Kentucky countryside. My husband and I were farmers. I always loved crafts and making things, and I would use the beautiful botanicals and wildflowers that surrounded us to to create wreaths, sachets and potpourris. Tracy helped too of course - her after school “job” was picking flowers. We loved farm life but struggled to make ends meet, but one thing that was never in short supply in our home was resourcefulness. I took some wreaths to local craft fairs, but I never expected for it go beyond that - until one day, when Country Living showed up and bought up everything we had! They wanted us to start selling to them and encouraged to expand. We went down to the bank and got a 500 dollar loan, which got us started on what became a thriving business and a real family affair