Would You Rather? Questions for Couples

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Enjoy quality time with your partner with these hilarious, thought-provoking, and straight-up silly questions for couples.

Would you rather give people the ability to read your thoughts or see your internet search history? Ditch the same-old, boring couples’ activities—and learn what makes your partner tick—as you consider fun questions like this one. From deciding between two equally questionable choices to debating which impossible scenario you’d rather be stuck in, these Would You Rather questions will keep the conversation flowing, make you laugh hysterically, and strengthen your bond. 

Use Would You Rather? Questions for Couples to:
Get playful—and weird. Questions span topics from everyday choices and embarrassing moments to wild adventures involving celebrities, time travel, and the supernatural. There’s truly something for everyone.
Spark hours of conversation. With over 250 questions, you’ll have plenty of material for interesting debates anytime, anywhere. You’ll be surprised just how much you learn about each other’s thinking, perspectives, and priorities.  
Up the ante. Feeling competitive? Use our suggestions to turn these questions into a game for two, complete with stakes, points, and prizes.