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Write Every Day 978-Daily Practice to Kickstart Your Writing

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Writing for yourself is a wonderful way to explore personal creativity, but whatever writing you want to do – poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction – you have remove yourself from your comfort zone, and start to explore the unchartered path to finding your own, unique voice. Write Every Day encourages beginner and advanced writers alike to stretch their imagination and enhance their daily writing habit, through daily creative prompts and tasks. 

Users will discover a new creative writing exercise every day, that focuses on writing techniques, inspiration and craft, by taking a comprehensive look across multiple forms and genres of writing. 

Split into 12 sections, in 4 weekly blocks with additional 'tasks' (ie. 3 mins, 30 mins, 3 hour, 3 day) this is a brilliant interactive book, filled with writing exercises perfect for any aspiring writer or someone simply looking for a fun, easy creative outlet to get their imagination flowing. Including writer profiles, examples of writing 'styles' and inspirational quotes, Write Every Day will help readers put pen to paper and develop their own, individual writing style.