Botanical Reed Diffuser

Rosy Rings
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As beautiful as they are fragrant, Rosy Rings Botanical Reed Diffusers provide a vibrant fragrance and unique and elegant presentation. Each 13oz diffuser includes a clear vessel filled with natural elements that complement the radiant smell and create a soothing experience. 

Iris Moon: Moonlit iris with gossamer hints of jasmine and the delicate freshness of wild violets. 

Forest: A winding path through misty woods of cedarwood and pine: crushed leaves and wet fir needles underfoot. 

Lemon Blossom + Lychee: Dewy pink rose petals float upon the zest of a sun-ripened lemon and delicate white florals. 

Roman Lavender: Crisp bergamot and eucalyptus open the door to an elegant blend of true lavender with vanilla.