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Get the complete collection of 4 10ml single scents and 2 10ml Alo-exclusive blends for the ultimate assortment of scents to heighten or transform your mood. This luxe boxed set includes Energize & Refresh (Peppermint), Cleanse & Detox (Tea Tree), Chill & Unwind (Lavender) and Awaken & Center (Eucalyptus), plus two powerful blends — Breathe & Spa and Sleep & Downshift. Tune in yourself or give to others as the perfect mindful gift

  • Set of 6 10ml essential oils
  • Scent your space + your body
  • The possibilities are infinite.Inhale deeply to breathe in the benefits
  • Add 10-15 drops to diffuser
  • Rub on palms before practice
  • Add a few drops to bath or shower
  • Mix with water & spritz on linens
  • Dilute to 5% & dab on wrists, feet or behind ears
  • Inhale. Exhale. Repeat
  • The ultimate gift for yourself or others, with transformative scents for solo or combined use

CHILL & UNWIND (LAVENDER)Unmistakably light, floral, and serene, lavender is among the world's most-loved flowers.

CLEANSE + DETOX (TEA TREE)Tea Tree thrives along Australia's southern and eastern coast. The sharp, fresh scent is a potent pick-me-up.

ENERGIZE + REFRESH (PEPPERMINT) The unforgettable sweet, green, ultra-fresh aroma of peppermint grows naturally throughout the Indian subcontinent.

AWAKEN + CENTER (EUCALYPTUS)Our powerful eucalyptus is native to the Yunnan region of China and prized for its distinctive green, woody smell.

SLEEP + DOWNSHIFT (ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND)Neroli from Egypt. A rare and precious oil with a honeyed, green, slightly spicy aroma, derived from orange blossoms when in bloom.
Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. A yellow, orchid-like flower found in tropical climates. Its smell is custard-sweet, rich, and believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.


Alo began in Los Angeles in 2007 because the founders wanted to spread good by bringing yoga to the world: to anyone who is experiencing the transformative power of yoga, to the world’s best yogis who wear Alo because it’s the only line that actually elevates their practice, to the celebrities and the fashion-forward who wear Alo because it’s the perfect street brand, comfortable, contemporary and decidedly not just for the mat