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Jill Marble Candle - Mediterranean Fig

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Georgia and Daly Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Small

Rachel and Michael Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Small

Hailee and Justin Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Medium

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Small

Claire and William Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Medium 

Grace and Justin Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Medium

Qty needed: 1 | Size: Large


Let us shed a little light on this piece. Like a phoenix, an undulating, artistic bowl rises after the flame. Once the candle is burned away, a beautiful bowl remains

  • Approx: 
    • Small (5oz): 30-35hrs, Approx 6.5" L, 6.5" W, 2.5" H
    • Medium (15oz): 90-100hrs, Approx 9" L, 9" W, 2.75" H
    • Large (24oz): 125+hrs, Approx 10" L, 10" W, 2.75" H
  • Each piece is an individual, hand-crafted by Los Angeles-based potters. No factory molds here, so you may see some variations in the design

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