National Mah Jongg League

2024 National Mahjong League Official Card

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2024 Card (LARGE Size 6.12 x 4.75")

For more than 86 years, the National Mah Jongg League has been the arbitrator for everything that relates to American Maajh. The League started with 32 members and today numbers over 350,000. The League publishes the American version of the rules and supplies the Official Standard Hands and Rules Cards each year.

In 1937, a number of Mah Jongg enthusiasts met in New York City to standardize the game so that all Mah Jongg players would play the same hands and rules-it was at this meeting that the National Mah Jongg League was founded. Each year the League changes the hands and rules to add more excitement to the game.

Mahjongg is fun to play with friends!