Botanico Body Lotion - 15 oz

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Designed with 1940's Havana in mind, this body lotion employs natural beauty ingredients to give it the distinct scent that makes it so popular.  The antioxidants and AHA's found in our blend of Jojoba Esters, Sugar Cane, Pineapple and Orange Oil ensure this body lotion effectively moisturizes and reduces redness associated with dry, rough skin. Based on our bestselling home fragrance blend, our Botanico de Havana body lotion has a clean, citrus finish and its sophisticated fragrance makes this a favorite body lotion for men and women alike. For best results, use daily for soft and healthy skin


Our story began in a Santa Monica studio. With a small supply of essential oils, natural botanicals and a view of Santa Catalina–one of the islands that inspired our company name—we set off to craft our first products. Our mission was to bring fragrance and experiences from around the world, home. Throughout our travels, we are often reminded how local plants make their way into the homes, beauty products, and everyday lives of the people we meet. In our case, that fascination turned into passion, and ultimately a company, when we found that behind many of those plants and rituals are benefits, efficacies and wonders that have been skillfully passed down from generation to generation. Year’s later, we’re still at it – relying on plant-based formulation and inspiration to turn the everyday, into the extraordinary