Alby Earrings - 14k - Aigue Marine

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14 karat gold Victorian-inspired chandelier earrings, white aquamarines, diamonds and fresh water pearls


  • Length: 6.5cm

5 Octobre 

A curious and creative spirit, Sophie has cultivated many passions since childhood: stones, antique jewelry and tribal ornaments, a taste for primitive and contemporary art in all its forms, photography, and the old and unusual objects she loves to find here or elsewhere, remain inexhaustible sources of inspiration. 

These past years, Sophie has created one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions, always with the same obsession: jewelry as a lucky charm that protects and reveal the beauty, to render its emotional and affective dimension, an object of transmission and a love messenger.   Conceived as a journey, sometimes motionless, sometimes distant, these precious talismans are always our faithful companions.