Gigi Clozeau

Classic Gigi Sautoir - 23.6" YG

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The Classic Gigi sautoir by gigi CLOZEAU perfectly embodies a fresh and carefree spirit. This timeless piece features 18 carat gold, two 23.6" options and fruity mandarine jewels. Each jewel is unique, artisanally made in our family-owned workshop

  • composition:18ct gold and resin
  • size info:23.6" with adjustabe clasp at 23.2"

Gigi Clozeau

Gigi Clozeau jewelry is made in the family workshop, Gigi uses only the finest materials: 18 carat gold, diamonds, and a sub-lime varnish known for its shine and quality. This high-end resin delivers a rich palette. Artisanal application of it onto yellow, rose, and white gold chains is an art, the result of Alain Clozeau’s 50 years of expertise