Simon Pearce

Echo Lake Hurricane

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In a bold interpretation of the craft, master glassblowers nimbly wrap fine strands of glass around a cylindrical base to form the unique, natural silhouette of each candle holder. Whether frozen in winter, or flowing in summer - this piece was inspired by the constantly changing rivers, streams and waterways in Vermont


  • Materials : Glass
  • Made In : USA
  • Small: Capacity : 18 oz
  • Medium: Capacity : 36 oz
  • Large: Capacity : 100 oz
  • XLarge: Capacity : 224 oz

Simon Pearce 

In the age of bigger, better, faster, we believe simplicity, quality, and artisanship are tenets of a better way of life. From our hand-thrown pottery to our lead-free crystal glassware made with custom molds and purpose-built furnaces, each handcrafted piece carries a story that lends meaning, authenticity, and grace to every use. From our heritage of craftsmanship to design that’s meant to last for generations, everything we do is in service of creating a table to gather with the people we love. These moments of togetherness are what inspire us.