Fishing's Best Excuses Hilarious Quips Every Angler Should Knowby Matt Mitchell and Joshua Shifrin

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Explain away your bad casts or your tiny catch—and have your friends laugh at the same time!

Fishing’s Best Excuses is a must have book for any angler that has spent a day on the water with little to show for their efforts. With dozens of witty excuses, as well as crazy fishing facts and hilarious cartoons, you’ll be able to laugh away your ineptitude. 

Whether it’s due to the poor weather, bad bait, unacceptable equipment, or simply because the fishing gods were out to get you, there’s always a viable, or not so viable, excuse to explain your failure. So the next time you come home with nothing but an empty cooler, there are countless reasons why your woeful performance couldn’t possibly be your fault. 

So without further ado, we offer you, our friend, our colleague, our compatriot, a foolproof way to divert the blame, the embarrassment, the multitude of jokes at your expense. We give you, Fishing’s Best Excuses.