French Graffiti

French Graffiti Kitchen Towel

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This 100% Cotton tea towel printed with original artwork. Dimensions are approximately 20×25 inches. Care: machine wash, tumble low heat or line dry

French Graffiti 

The idea for French Graffiti began one summer when I decided on a whim to pack up my young children and rent an apartment in Paris and a room on a Normandy farm. We had a magical time far removed from the distractions of our busy lives.  We explored city and countryside, doodling the world around us in our sketchbooks. Sitting on museum floors, we painted our impressions of the masterpieces all around. Even some of the graffiti we came across scrawled on Paris' monuments had a beauty and purity that touched my heart.  We came home inspired... French Graffiti was born.  Please enjoy my art as a celebration of life and family and the everyday beauty that surrounds us all.  Merci! Susan