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Heida Necklace

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Our newest and most colorful necklace to date. The Heida necklace is a quartz chain and gold vermeil with cz embellishments to make you sparkleThese beautiful quartz pieces catch and refract light creating rainbows all around you! Please note the quartz makes them delicate, Do not drop!!

  • 15 inch chain

Paula Rosen Jewelry 

Paula Rosen’s signature diamond padlocks, gold and silver tags, and unique chains have been coveted by celebrities, collectors and stylists for years. A native Californian who calls both the east and west coasts home, Paula travels the world with a restless and curious heart searching for gems, sourcing precious metals, and finding inspiration across the globe. Because the collections build on themselves from year to year, Paula has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following of fans and collectors across the country and around the world. Her timeless designs never go out of style, can be layered together in endless combinations for years, and are featured in exclusive boutiques on several continents. Paula believes jewelry isn’t just an accessory but a means of self-expression that should be worn every day in every occasion - to work, to the market, to the gym, to a gala. What are you saving it for?