Terrycloth Polo

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A shirt designed for you to do as little as possible, comfortably. Free of obligation and full of style, the Terrycloth Polo is back.  Bond would be proud.

  • 100% Cotton Terrycloth, 100% Cool
  • Always Un-Buttoned Up
  • Perma-Casual Open Collar
  • Criquet Pocket, The Best In The Biz
  • Designed in Sunny Austin, TX
  • Imported


When we started Criquet, we knew one thing:we had no idea what we were doing. We were two life-long friends who didn’t know much about debt-service coverage ratios or conversion paths.We just knew we wanted to be anything but bored. So, we set out to pursue the perfect shirt and all things anti-ordinary. Kick back, throw one back, and let’s get a little off-course