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VOYANT™ by Danica embraces the functional power of fragrance, customizing four blends from essential oils and other natural scents. For stimulating conversation in the living room, calming the senses in the bathroom, and setting the ideal mood in the boudoir.  Just light a candle…

  • This candle is Toxin Free, Cruelty Free and Responsibly Packaged. It is held within a beautiful 12-oz. stemless wine glass, emblazoned with the 'DP Seeing Eye' monogram. The candle has a hand-painted wick, with the wax and essential oils  produced in the USA. Burn time 50-60 hours
  • Product Care - The first time you burn your candle, burn for at least 3 hours. The candle may get hot during long burning times, so please take care when moving the vessel. Trim the wick to 1/4" between burning


  • Spirit -  Geranium (well-functioning heart), Rose petal (opens the heart), Peony (warmth, relaxation), Hyacinth (brightens spirit), Blue Lotus (connect to higher self) with accents of Galbanum (awareness, meditation),  Violet (heal and balance all chakras), Gardenia (activates third eye)
  • Retreat -    Bergamot (balanced root chakra), Cardamom (awakens sacral), Saffron (lifts spirit), Amber (communication), Frankincense (dreams, spirit connection), Labdanum (grounding, balancing) with accents of Patchouli (calms root),, Sandalwood (balances third eye), Musk (security)
  • Restore - Lavender flower (calm, connection), Sage (mental clarity), Eucalyptus leaf (calms throat), Rosemary (opens third eye), Cypress (energy flow), Incense (balance, grounding) with accents of Verbena (reduces stress), Ginger (digestion, balance), Mint (calms throat)
  • Commune -  Cashmere wood (communication),  Vetiver (calms solar plexus), Patchouli (calms root chakra),  Sequoia bark (mental focus),  Sandalwood (balances third eye), Myrrh (spiritual awareness), Fir balsam (breath, healing) with accents of Coriander (opens heart), Pink Pepper (alertness, stamina), Vanilla (calms throat), Cardamom (awakens sacral)


Danica Patrick is admired by millions as a trailblazer, and especially as a role model for young women aiming to pursue their passions. As an IndyCar then NASCAR driver, she broke barriers as a fierce competitor in the male-dominated world of motorsports before retiring in 2018.Equally recognized as a businesswoman and pop culture icon, Danica has landed on numerous “Most Powerful Women” and “Favorite Female Athlete” lists. As a serial entrepreneur, she’s launched successful ventures from apparel to wine, including her American and French labels, Somnium and Danica Rosé. A frequent cover model, named among People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People in the World,” she’s appeared in myriad commercials and music videos and lent her voice to video games and cartoons, including “The Simpsons” and “South Park.”Continuing to serve as a sports analyst and commentator, Danica has proven her multimedia appeal as a television personality, podcast host and author. She embraces a health-conscious and spiritual lifestyle that spans hiking, yoga and meditation. A homebody at heart, Danica loves to design beautiful spaces, to cook and to entertain guests, bringing an attuned eye for detail and a well-known passion for leading her best life