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Waves Candle - Lotus

$165-$660 See Below for Details

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Please note: Due to the delicate nature of this candle, sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large are available for in-store pickup only. Please call your local store for pricing and to place your order:

Austin: 512-474-7685

St. Louis: 314-567-7685

Tallahassee: 850-894-7685

Have you ever noticed how different all tree trunks are? From very straight to stlanting and tilting, higher to lower, but always in harmony from a distance. This glass design is based on different tree trunks that form a harmonious forest. We invite you to discover our world of unique scented candles.

  • Phuket Lotus 
  • Small - 65 Hours
  • Medium - 200 Hours
  • Large - 300 Hours
  • XLarge - 600 Hours 


Onno Collection 

Our roots are 'haute parfumerie', we are specialized in delicately blending high-value ingredients to create our unique and intriguing perfumes. With over 25 years of experience in developing perfumes, I became a true 'nose' who uses only the finest high-quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide. All perfumes welcome a unique feeling of luxury into your home and into your life. They allow you to truly relax and dream away of those undiscovered faraway places. All of them and in their own way reflecting the warm feelings of nature, the rich spicy fragrances and luscious flowers that I was captivated by.Only the highest quality, carefully selected raw materials are used to ensure superior quality and long-lasting pleasure. High-quality mineral wax and fine Egyptian cotton wicks are the base of our candles.