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Wildsam Field Guide - Hawaii

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Wildsam Field Guides: Hawai‘i leads travelers into the most authentic experience of this tropical paradise, working closely with an eclectic team of trusted locals. 

There’s a distinctive air of mystique that remains in Hawai‘i, even if elusive, and it stirs in the locals who celebrate their ancestry on these sacred shores. Wildsam worked closely with local writers, editors, musicians, artists, activists, ecologists and cultural authorities, in hopes of sharing a broad and beautiful perspective on Hawai‘i, past and present.

Readers will explore sights, stories and local intel in the islands:Curated selection of beaches, public lands, hotels, island experts; Interviews with surfers, artists, musicians, anthropologists, ecologists, chefs, ranchers, native lands advocates; Travel profiles of each island, with essential experiences and intel; Archival excerpts about tropical flora, legendary watermen, Pearl Harbor, Hula, Elvis Presley, Eddie Aikau, shipwrecks, pineapples; Insights for thoughtful travel, including tourism etiquette, language, cultural identity, critical civic issues facing Hawai‘i; and The Wildsam picks for dozens of island favorites including poke bowls, beginner surf breaks, whale watching, waterfall hikes, Polynesia.