Linen Tales

Linen Placemat w Fringe

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Carly & Jeffrey Registry

Qty. Needed: 8 | Color: Natural


A simple yet beautiful way to have your breakfast with Linen Placemats with Fringe.  Decorate your table any occasion - formal dinner or family gathering; the light yet durable linen fabric with give you perfect look and will delight you for a perfect look and will delight you for ages

  • 14"x18"
  • Detailed edge with small and delicate fringes 
  • 100% Linen 
  • Stone Washed for extra softness 
  • Handmade with Love for Lithuania

Linen Tales

Linen has an important role in Lithuanian folklore and customs, therefore in Linen Tales we want to share our love for the tradition of linen with the entire world. Our refined products and their unbeatable quality are the result of top-notch production processes accomplished after years of experience working with the finest linen fabrics