Steak Knives - Set of 6 - PB

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Lauren and Jake Registry
Qty needed: 8 | Variation: Ivory Platine

This Laguile 6-piece steak knifes in ivory set has an understated elegance that will make you want to use them every day.  And that's ok, just make sure to follow the proper care, below.  Crafted in France's Laguiole region, this silverware set is housed inside a beautiful hinged-lid box made of pine with brass hardware.  The town of Laguiole has been producing high-quality knives since the mid 19th century.  Each piece is assembled by hand


  • 6-pieces of knives, with each utensil is debossed with " Laguiole Jean Neron, Made in France" and finished with Napoleanic bee at top of each handle.
  • MATERIAL: High-quality stainless steel, and finished French wood.
  • Stamped with the iconic Laguiole Bee captured in a golden frame on each knife.