Animal March by Kim Frances Lee

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Turkey vulture Bu Zard has had his share of failed “save the Everglades” plans. But this time, he has come up with his best idea ever. He just needs to win the support of some influential animals to pull the whole thing off. And he does! With the help of Samuel, the alligator, and a blue heron named Frieda, he forms the United Species of Animals.

 Most of the animals in the Everglades agree that a march to the Capitol to meet with elected representatives would be in their best interest. But Bu Zard’s plans fall apart fast. He loses their maps and has them walking in circles before they can even get out of the Everglades. And some mismatched, corporate, bad guys are stalking them.

 Bu Zard thinks he has everything under control until the pink flamingos head for Miami and the dancing Croc Brothers win a Caribbean cruise. And that’s not his biggest problem. The rest of the animals have disappeared. He needs another plan, quick, if he wants the Animal March to make it to the state Capitol!