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Ballerina Loose Brooch

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It was the summer of 2010. Belgian life-enthusiast Geoffroy Moreels was looking for a new venture and great adventures. That’s when the Panama hat called to him. It was love at first sight. Very soon, Geoffroy was embracing all types of headwear, from fedoras to caps and trilbies to berets, and travelled near and far in search of the finest materials and the greatest artisans

Across our beautiful planet, connections were made and friendships developed. And so MY BOB was born. A colourful Belgian brand that mixes originality with traditions from the over the world. Every stitch, weave and fold of a MY BOB accessory tells a story of skill and attention to detail. Its Panama hats are handmade in Ecuador, straw hats, caps, feathers and macramé are crafted in Italy, feather brooches are fashioned in Germany while all embroidery is carried out in India.