Pig & Hen

Catena Venetian Bracelet

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Strength in connection. Interlocking bonds anchor even the most wild and free. There is no beginning and no end. No matter where you travel, you'll never sway too far from your origins

Pig & Hen

In the early 1600s, Dutch explorers set sail to undiscovered parts of the world, eventually boasting the largest naval fleet on Earth. With some serious sea legs, they discovered new lands and ways of life – all the while overcoming oceans of obstacles along the way. To protect themselves from bad luck, mariners inked tattoos of a pig and a hen on their feet because crates of pigs and hens were oftentimes the only items left floating after a shipwreck. The sailors believed a pig and hen tattoo would help them not only survive the strongest of storms but also allow them to float back safely to their beloved homeland