Caviar Dish

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The Lily Juliet Large Resin Shell Caviar Dish is a perfect piece for entertaining or it makes a great centerpiece in any room. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs


  • Handmade in Vietnam from resin and natural shells
  • Shells are Cebu Clam shells from the Philippines
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Designer: Joel Levin

Lily Juliet 

At Lily Juliet, we approach each item we design as something special, unique and unlike anything else, and since each and every piece is handmade by craftsmen, no two pieces are alike. We want to catch your eye and respond to feelings that ebb from your soul with each of our designs. We strive to create conversation pieces: to stir your curiosity, to have you wonder how each item was made, to think of the craftspeople working with their hands to create these useful, functional art pieces. So many aspects of our environment are machine-made, and in such a world that we now find ourselves, it seems important for us to discover objects that speak of our individuality, of our passion and our need for artistic joy in our homes. Lily Juliet is dedicated to doing that