Making Memories: Practice Mindfulness, Learn to Journal and Scrapbook, Find Calm Every Day

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Find calm every day through journaling and scrapbooking! Practice mindfulness and live in the moment.

This children’s journaling book is a fantastic way to teach kids about taking each moment for what it is and managing anxiety, stress and fear. It’s a beautiful how-to guide that will help your kids live more intentionally.

Perfect for children ages 8 and older, this helpful activity book is packed with things to do, journaling prompts and ideas, and relaxation tips and advice. Inside, you’ll find:

   • Calming activity ideas for inside and outside, at home, and on the go.
   • First lessons in big ideas and philosophy for children alongside practical applications.
   • A ‘How-to’ guide to journaling and scrapbooking so children can document their experiences.
   • A theme throughout that teaches children to cherish the moment and make and retain memories as a result.
   • Creative, practical activities to get children away from screens and encourage a positive frame of mind.