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Nicholas Vahe Seasonings

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  • Salt with Wild Garlic - With a light and delicate garlic flavor, wild garlic is the perfect seasoning for salt. Use as a finishing garnish on steaks, roast potatoes and dips. Adds a balanced garlic note that elevates any dish. The mill comes with a ceramic grinder (that's not otherwise available on the US market) which offers finely ground spices, releasing the oils for more aroma and flavor in your dishes  4.9oz

  • Salt & Pepper Everyday Mix - This salt and pepper mix from Nicolas Vahe is an elevated staple for every kitchen and dinner table. With a built-in grinder top for ease of use   10.9oz

  • Salt Chilli Blend - Give your dishes a spicy undercurrent with this salt and chili blend from Nicolas Vahé. Use it as the finishing touch to roast potatoes and vegetables, meats and dressings when you want to serve a delicious meal with a lingering heat   11.11oz

  • Pepper with Lemon Peel - This black pepper mix with lemon is perfect for dishes with seafood. Enjoy its distinctive flavour with a twist of Nicolas Vahé in the form of a balanced taste of lemon. The flavour is ideal for chicken, pork and various homemade salads that just need a little something extra. Black pepper with lemon is also an incredibly decorative product and can be displayed in your kitchen   5.29oz

  • Pepper Mix - Nicolas Vahé gives you a versatile pepper mix with black and pink peppercorns. The rounded heat of pink peppercorns is closer to that of chili; compared to black peppercorns that are a bit more pungent. You will also notice a fruity undercurrent in the deep flavour that pink peppercorns add to the mix. Elevate the flavours in your cooking and season your dishes with a dash of this pepper mix – from your stews and curries to sauces and marinades. In a gin and tonic, a few pink peppercorns as garnish add a sweet flavour with a subtle heat   4.94oz