Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby Paperweight

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Barn Owl - The rust, cobalt blue and gold colors so prized in the Royal Crown Derby “Imari” patterns appear here in porcelain figurines from England. Each has a stopper so it can be filled with sand for use as a paperweight.

Perwinkle Owl - Featuring delicate swirl patterns overlaid with various leaves such as the Acanthus and Tulip flowers, in symmetrical repeats. The Periwinkle Owl features a delicate mixture of colors in a mix of blue, green and pink on an iris blue background highlighted with 22 karat gold. Handmade in England.

Winter Owl - A beautiful and popular English bone china piece with its warming tones of yellow, grey and russet with handpainted with flecks of 22k gold with a design inspired by swirling, whirling, playful characteristics of this bird. Handmade in England.

Autumn Squirrel - The Autumn Squirrel paperweight is handcrafted of finest bone china and features a palette of warm autumnal rich colors and soft red and orange tufty fur. With fine definition of the coat with the underside of the squirrel is white-cream in colour, complemented by autumn leaves that give the effect of foraging in the woods for nuts and seeds. The Autumn Squirrel paperweight captures the essence of this cheeky little creature. Handmade and painted in England, accented with 22k gold.

Wigeon Duck - The Royal Crown Derby Wigeon Duck features rounded geometric shapes to bring the beautiful feather detailing to life in hues of red, orange, brown and cream tones with a hint of blue on the ducks underwing. 22k gold accents highlight the beautiful feather detail making it a truly collectable bone china piece. Handmade in England