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Silk & Lingerie Wash

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Silk & Lingerie Wash is an exceptional cleanser designed for all washable and colorfast delicate fabrics. Especially formulated to protect elasticity and preserve the original look and shape of personal garments and delicate fabrics. Le Blanc® Silk & Lingerie Wash may be used on all washable, colorfast and organic fabrics including: silk, cashmere, wool, alpaca, LYRCA®, spandex, all cottons, synthetics, and blends. Safely launder intimate apparel, fine clothing, silk bedding or table linens, swim wear, active wear, hosiery, and more

Le Blanc® Silk & Lingerie Lavender has a Tranquil and Soothing Fragrance. This unique scent stems from deep wild lavender laced with rosemary, bergamot, and rose. Its aromatic base of eucalyptus and cedar gently blankets laundry with a lasting classic fragrance

Le Blanc 

Linen Wash, Laundry Wash, Towelwash, Downwash, and Silk & Lingerie Wash – We proudly manufacture the highest quality detergents on the market, that go beyond simple cleaning, and work to preserve your textiles, so you can enjoy them for a long time. The average detergent can only remove stains by aggressively attacking them, causing damage to the fibers. Plus, they only work in hot water, which does more harm. All of our washes are gentle, but triple-concentrated, for that stain-removing power, and they work in cold water. You deserve to protect the things you love!