Marie Laure Chamorel

Snake Loop Earrings

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Pair of bicolor  925 Sterling silver loop earrings embossed with handcrafted snakeskin texture. A snake-head encrusted with a Polki diamond adorns the smaller loop of these 2-in-1 earrings.

  • The pair comes in two parts, which can be worn in two ways
  • The oval loop can be removed to create a small loop earring
  • 925 Sterling silver with 18 karat yellow gold patina finish
  • Slice Polki Diamond
  • To keep your earrings in good condition, we suggest avoiding any contact with water. Remove them before bathing and sleeping.

Marie Laure Chamorel 

Marie Laure is guided by her desire to give each piece of jewelry a unique touch. Her inspiration does not fit into any ready-made fashion trend. In a couture spirit, she transforms her favorite materials, enriches them with handmade embroidery and wraps them in silk chiffon or leather beads