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Stella Earring - Gold

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These earrings are named after the designers long-time friend, Stella. You know how some friendships fluctuate? Some months or years you are close and then others not so much? With Stella, we have always been steadily growing closer. We can say about anything and rarely worry what the other might think. Stella inspires me because she marches to the beat of her own drum. She flies by the seat of her pants and always lands on her feet. She also seems to do this so trustfully. Maybe one day this will rub off on me

  • Tiny succulent petal earring stud pendant is slightly longer than 1cm
  • Earring posts are sterling silver and gold-plated and are made in the US
  • The earring stud is made of 100% recycled brass & 14 karat-gold/sterling silver plated
  • Earrings are sustainably cast in downtown Los Angeles 
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in our jewelry - making it low toxic